Why Square

Why Square?

Affordable & proven credit repair.

Square Credit Repair

Square partners with you to remove any black marks and increase your credit score so you can get your loan approved.

No Win - No Fee Promise

 Some credit repair agencies charge hefty upfront fees just to look at your case, why?! At Square we have a strict no win – no fee promise. This means if we do not successfully repair and improve your credit file, there is no cost for our service.


Square has a specialised and reliable team with a proven track record in delivering outstanding results. Our specialised processes and expertise have helped countless Australians take control of their financial situation.

We proudly serve our customers.


We understand our clients require quick and effective service to restore their financial freedom.

Our specialised team works to deliver your case as quickly as possible. The majority of clients will have their credit listing cleaned within 30 days, although some cases may vary depending on their complexity and avenues to resolve the case. All clients are kept up to date on the progress of their case through regular phone and email updates.

Payment Plans Available

 Square understands that the financial circumstance of each client may vary, and so we provide the interest free payment option that is right for you.