No Win - No Fee

No Win – No Fee

Don’t pay a cent unless your credit file is repaired.

At Square

We understand the devastating impact a black mark can have on a person’s livelihood, and firmly believe everyone should have the opportunity to remove unfair, disputable black marks, and not pay a cent unless the black mark is successfully removed.

What’s There To Lose?

We charge a small price for the financial freedom we deliver, and only where we have successfully removed the black mark which affects your success. We understand that the financial circumstance of each person will vary, so we provide interest free payment options that you can afford.

Your Financial Well-being Matters Here.

We see many credit repair companies that charge hundreds of dollars just to investigate a black mark on a credit file. Many will not refund this fee if the black mark cannot be removed, leaving their customer in a significantly worse state of financial health.

We Keep It Simple And Fair.

Others may also charge a hefty fee if they actually happen to remove the black mark, leaving their customer with another expense, one to have their file investigated, and another to remove the black mark.

Take Control

What are you waiting for? We have already helped countless Australians in repairing their credit file and moving forward.

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