How We Repair Credit

How We Repair Credit

We make credit restoration simple and easy.

1. Consultation

At first contact, we gather information about your credit file including the events which led to the bad credit listing(s). We will provide you with a Privacy Consent form which needs to be signed and returned before we commence.

2. Gather Supporting Documentation

We collect a number of supporting documents from you or your creditor(s) which will assist us in developing your case.

3. Review

We review and audit the supporting documents to discover instances where your creditor has not followed due procedure prior to making the listing.

4. Negotiation

Where inconsistencies are discovered, we liaise with the relevant credit provider(s) to clear the bad credit listings. Where the credit provider(s) does not adhere to our demands, we will escalate your case to an external dispute resolution body to deliver an outcome.

This can take a bit of time, but we will keep you regularly updated on our progress.

5. Repair

Once the credit listing is successfully removed from your credit file, we will close your case. It is at this stage that a removal fee is made payable.

If we have not been successful in clearing your credit file, we will advise you of this and close your case. No payment needed!