F.A.Q s


Any questions? Square Credit Repair is here for you.

What is a credit report?

A credit report contains information about you, and your financial history. It can be referred to by credit providers when deciding to provision you a loan, phone contract, credit card etc.

Do I have a credit report?

There is a high likelihood that you have a credit report, especially if you have ever applied for a loan, phone contract, utility account, etc. There are approximately 14 million Australians with a credit report.

What information is on my credit report?

A credit report contains your name, date of birth, address, employment details, and your credit history; including instances where you have applied for credit, as well as any defaults you may have had.  It may also include information about any businesses you may own.

How does my credit report affect me?

When you are applying for a new credit product (e.g. loan, credit card, phone contract, etc), the credit provider will look at whether you have any black marks listed on your credit report. If you do, this is likely to impact your ability to be approved for credit, because lenders may consider the black mark a warning sign that you will not repay your loan.

If I pay back my outstanding debt, will it repair my credit file?

No. When you pay back the debt, the status of the listing will be changed to ‘paid’, however, the listing will remain on your credit report.

Can I fix my credit report on my own?

Yes, it is possible, however, in many cases it requires a comprehensive understanding of relevant legislation and credit reporting processes. This is why it is worthwhile engaging the services of a reputable credit repair agency such as Square Credit Repair.

How long does it take to repair my credit report?

Timeframes may vary depending on the nature of a case, however, the majority of cases are successfully resolved within 30 days.

What do your services cost?

Our fee is $790 for the first default/court action removal, and $440 for each subsequent removal.

Our credit enquiry removal fee is $160 per removal.

If you wish to spread out your payments, we also offer interest free payment plans to suit your needs.

Do you guarantee removal of black marks from my credit report?

No, it is not always possible to have a black mark removed.

Square practises credit repair with a high degree of skill and expertise, ensuring that you have the highest chance of repairing and restoring your credit history.

If for whatever reason we cannot remove the black mark, do not stress – Square’s no win – no fee promise means you will not have to pay a cent.

Will I have to pay if my black mark is not successfully removed?

No, Square has a strict no win – no fee promise; you will not pay a cent unless the black mark is successfully removed.

Why choose Square?

Square offers unmatched expertise for prices up to 50% cheaper than our competitors.

Our dedicated case managers work with a high level of skill and care, and have a strong track record in constantly delivering the best results.

Unlike our competitors, in the rare event we can’t get the job done – there is no cost for our service.

How do I proceed with your service?

Give Square a call on 1300 600 450 for a free consultation. We will hear your situation, advise you on our services and how we can help you wipe away your black marks.