Case Study - Credit Enquiries

Credit Enquiries

Car loans.


Shane is a medical professional from Hoppers Crossing who needed a personal loan for a new car.

Hoppers Crossing, VIC

Cleared in: Oct 2017

Duration: 32 Days

The Problem

Shane was confused by all the loan options available, so he decided to shop around to find the best deal. However, each time he enquired with a lender, an enquiry was left on his credit file. This led to a significant drop in his credit score without him realising.

When Shane finally found the loan he wanted, his application was denied because his credit score was too low.  

Original Credit Score

New Credit Score

The Solution

Square tracked down all the lenders Shane enquired with and investigated the circumstances of every application he made.

We found found that Shane did not show any intention of applying for a loan when he was simply shopping around and asking for details, so the lenders should not have made enquiries on his credit file.

After some consideration, 9 of the 11 credit providers agreed to remove their enquiries, and Shane’s credit score was eventually restored. This meant he was finally able to buy his dream car. This could be you!

From Shane. B

Well done on your work. I am very happy with the results.”

From Jayden. S

Wasn’t actually expecting this to be removed. Thank you”